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June 20, 2019  —  Volume 2, No. 12

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Tax Master Network Briefs
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Join Us As We Introduce the Newest Tax Master Network Benefit: FUELED Coaching, by Ed Lyon


Join Ed Lyon on June 25 at 1 PM EST as he introduces the newest membership to the Advanced and Elite membership, Fueled Coaching. 

Fueled is a monthly group coaching program  that helps you develop the real-world business development skills that you need to grow your tax-planning business. Fueled will be launching on July 1st- the first course will be available to current Basic, Advanced and Elite members. 


Register for the webinar here.Stay tuned for more emails about Fueled and other benefits being added to the Elite level of TMN!


Here's the Best News You'll Get All Summer


Monday night, I discovered that my YouTube TV subscription would be comping me Showtime through September 5. Now, I’ve always been an HBO guy, but I’ve heard some good things about a Showtime series called Billions. They say it’s just like Game of Thrones, except it’s set on Wall Street and there aren’t any dragons. So I gave it a try, and wound up glued to the TV for four episodes and losing out on a couple hours of sleep I could have really used to make my summer cold go away.


The show follows Chuck Rhoades, a politically ambitious U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York with an 81-0 record against Wall Street criminals. (That’s not really as impressive as it sounds . . . the only way you get a record like that is by choosing not to prosecute anyone until you’re sure you’ve amassed enough evidence to bury them for certain.) In Episode One, Rhoades decides to target Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, a billionaire hedge fund manager with a fondness for what the SEC would call “material nonpublic information.” Chuck and Bobby spend their days snarling at each other in ways that would be familiar to any primatologist who’s spent time around male silverback gorillas.


My favorite character, and the biggest connection between Chuck and Axe, is Chuck’s wife Wendy, a therapist working full-time for Axe’s fund. She’s the one who restores their confidence when they drift into her office whining that their accounts are down for the year, or they don’t know whether to drop $63 million on a Hamptons beach house. Yeah, she discusses their icky bedroom secrets with them like any other shrink, which is why you should keep your kids out of the room while you’re watching. But really, she’s a performance coach for Axe and his stressed-out team . . . an indispensable in-house Tony Robbins in stiletto heels and power blouses.


So how much is Wendy’s service worth to Axe? In Episode One, she reminds Chuck that she makes eight times what he does. A quick Google search suggests that Chuck is bringing in north of $170,000/year. A few flicks of the abacus therefore put Wendy in the $1.3-1.4 million range.


So, the sharpest hedge fund manager on Wall Street thinks coaching is worth over a million per year. Granted, he’s a fictional character, and crooked as a $3 bill, and the real-life scoundrel he’s based on was forced by the SEC to convert his fund into a family office. But none of those pesky details change the fact that good coaching is worth its weight in gold.


That’s why I’m so excited about the new Fueled group coaching program I’m rolling out next month. We’re going to focus our efforts on exactly the same sort of mindset, performance, and personal development challenges that Wendy helps her clients overcome on their way to seven-figure incomes and 10-figure net worths.


I started coaching tax professionals back in 2007, and I’ve worked with hundreds since then. What do they say about the value of my help? Here are a couple of comments that just came in the last 30 days:


“Ed, I just wanted to say thank you. Because of your coaching, teaching, pushing, etc. I put over $250,000 more in my pocket this year- so far!”

Daniel Greene, CPA


“Ed, I’m going to take out a life insurance policy on you. I would be irreparably harmed if something were to happen to you!”

Joseph Reyes, CPA


Fueled classes are typically presented in three-month "tracks" that focus on concepts like confidence, sales, behavioral finance, and personal development. Assignments are sent the first day of each month. They’re designed for you to complete at your own pace and relate to the overall theme of the current track. And what's an assignment without accountability? ReFueled is the monthly group webinar hosted by me or a special guest to discuss and recap the monthly course. ReFueled usually takes place the fourth Tuesday of the month.


The first quarter’s curriculum focuses on personal development. In July, we’ll cover designing your dream business. In August, we’ll discuss money personalities, and how the way you feel about money (as opposed to the way you think about money) shapes your relationships with your clients, your staff, your family, and your overall success. In September, we’ll discuss personality types, and you’ll get to take the Culture Index assessment, which has become an essential part of our own hiring process. (We won’t even look at a resume until we know the CI is a fit. I’m pretty sure Bobby Axelrod’s A-trait is off-the-scale, his B-trait is below average, his C-trait is three standard deviations above the norm, and who really cares about his D?)


Fueled is included at no extra price in your Advanced or Elite-level TMN membership. Want to give it a try? We’re making the first month’s course available to all TMN members, no matter what level. Keep an eye on your email July 1, when we’ll be sending the first month’s assignment, and plan on joining us on Wednesday, July 24, at 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific) for the first ReFueled webinar. (That’s the regularly-scheduled member call-in for the week, so there’s no need to sign up for it.)


I was already pretty excited to make this announcement. But then I started watching Billions, and discovered how much good coaching is really worth. I’m confident you’ll find my new Fueled program to be a great addition to your current TMN membership, and I’m looking forward to seeing billions of you on the first call!


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Tax Master Network Briefs:

Vol. 2, Number 11;

June 20, 2019


Introducing Fueled Coaching by Ed Lyon


Here's the Best News You'll Get All Summer 


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